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A regrettable incident involving the Dali Cargo Ship in Baltimore, chartered by the Maersk company destined for Sri Lanka, has come to our attention.

According to information provided by Synergy Marine Group, the vessel’s operating company, it has been reported that the incident with the Dali Cargo Ship in Baltimore did not result in any injuries among crew members. Despite the absence of injuries, the impact of the incident suggests a high probability of significant damage to the cargo stored within the ship. The company has emphasized that, fortunately, all crew members are safe, which is an absolute priority. However, a detailed assessment is underway to determine the extent of damage to the cargo caused by the incident, which could have significant implications for stakeholders and the logistics of future transport operations.

We have been instructed on this matter by cargo insurers and importers/exporters and should be able to offer certain economies of scale in terms of third-party costs. If you have any involvement in this incident or have suffered damage as a result of it, Araya y Cía. Lawyers can assist you in organizing inspections of the cargo, letters of protest to the shipping company, and subsequent claims against it. Please contact:

Miguel Segovia – 
Joaquín Valdivia –

If this or future casualty notices are referred to any of your colleagues, we would love to receive their contact details to add them to our Client List.